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Welcome to Positive Services for KIDS

Enriching Support

Positive Services for KIDS full range of programs and a pool of multitalented, experienced staff are supportive and dedicated to providing adults, children and families with beneficial and enriching services in their homes and communities.

PS KIDS services reduce stress and promotes social development, academic enrichment, positive coping skills, effective communication, increases functioning and self-esteem as well as provides enriching experiences for our clients. Our services address a host of behavioral, familial, educational and psychological issues.

We provide individualized services for a diverse population of all ethnic and
socio-economic backgrounds in Connecticut’s towns and communities.

Our programs assess each identified adult, child and family’s needs, while working with affiliated community supports and developing individualized plans and goals. The Coordinator, Clinicians and Service Providers are available for collaboration and informational meetings.

Therapeutic Support Staff

Therapeutic Support Staff will closely monitor a child or youth, address specific needs in a setting of enrichment and positive experiences.

Supervised Visitation

Supervised Visitation facilitates contact between children/youths with their biological parents, relatives or significant contacts approved through the Dept. of Children and Families.

Assessments and Diagnostic Interviews

A Clinician will interview the client and collateral supports to understand specific strengths and needs so that the client can have optimally beneficial services.

Individual, Child and Family Psychotherapy

Our Clinician will work with the client and/or family to help with interpersonal and family dynamics

Behavioral Management Goal Plans

A Licensed Clinician will develop a therapeutic plan to assist parents, caretakers, service providers and teachers responsible for the care or supervision of the identified child or youth.

Case Management

A PS KIDS Clinician will work collaboratively with community and natural supports to develop an effective service plan for our client.

Support Services

Support Services are given to a child with mild to moderate issues. The client will be closely monitored in a home or community based setting with individual goals addressed.

Academic Support

The client’s individual academic needs are addressed to assist in achievement of subject matter while strengthening self confidence.

Household Organization

Needs are determined and addressed to provide safety and positive organizational strategies. Each motivated client is assisted to address his/her individual challenges to plan and maintain a safe, organized home.

Temporary Care

Temporary Care in the home to reduce stress for caregivers.